Christopher Lovi has been creating visual images since high school.

Having built a darkroom in his basement, he utilized his entrepreneurial spirit to shoot, process, print and then sell action shots of his football playing classmates as well as providing images for local papers.

He went to Rochester Institute of Technology to earn a BS in Photography. After graduation he moved to NYC to pursue his passion of documenting the built environment.

Christopher's career has seen the transition from large format cameras and color transparency film to the current utilization of digital cameras and medium format digital backs, with post processing in Photoshop.

This vast reservoir of real world on location knowledge, provides his clients with an expertise to create images correctly at the time of capture and not rely on fixing in post with Photoshop.

Currently, with over twenty years of experience, from climbing onto many a rooftop to get the best angle, waiting out bad weather to get just the right light, Christopher has satisfied many prominate architectural, engineering, construction, design and advertising firms throughout the tri-state area and beyond.

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